Subject: Re: pthreads
To: None <>
From: Pierre Bourgin <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/16/1999 19:09:39
On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Christoph Badura wrote:

 > Nick Hudson wrote:
 > > Actually  I think my problem is something to do with signals.
 > That could be.
 > > I checked
 > > the FAQ in mit-pthreads and its says that signal/sigaction should be
 > > replaced with pthreads-signal/pthreads-sigaction. Well that's what I
 > > think it means!?!
 > Well, I dunno what it means.  But then I haven't seen a useable
 > description of the problem, either.  Would it be possible to get an
 > exact description of what is wrong and what your environment is?

As I remember, they are two ways to implement signals :
the =ABsystem=BB one (that they must call 'signal'), and the POSIX
one, by the use of the sigaction() function (see sigaction(2)
for further details).

Pierre Bourgin