Subject: Base conversion utility - does NetBSD want it?
To: None <>
From: Robert Elz <kre@munnari.OZ.AU>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 10/07/1999 10:36:26
Andy Doran's query about adding killall reminded me that I had been
meaning to ask if you want this little utility that does number
base conversion for the NetBSD base set.

It came from 6th edition days, written by Richard Miller (as part
of the Interdata port of 6th Edition Unix at the University of
Wollongong).   I've been using it ever since, I find a need for it
every few days on average.

I asked Richard, he's happy for NetBSD to have it - just asks that
his name be retained as author, with mention of its origin at

Use (as it now exists) is like

	cv -dx 192 168 23 118
	c0 a8 17 76

or	cv -cxob a b c d
	a:      61 141 1100001
	b:      62 142 1100010
	c:      63 143 1100011
	d:      64 144 1100100

I just add this to every system I ever work on, it would be kind of nice
to see it already there one day, so I don't have to...

The first switch gives the input base (binary, octal, decimal, hex, ascii)
remaining switches give output bases, other args are numbers to convert.

If someone with the ability to do it thinks this would useful to have,
contact me off the list, and I'll send the command.   Someone will need to
build a NetBSD style Makefile for it (but since it is one of those
"one source file is the whole program" things that should be easy I think).
The man page will also need to become a NetBSD type of thing.