Subject: Re: increasing UT_HOSTSIZE for IPv6?
To: Bill Sommerfeld <>
From: Darren Reed <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/27/1999 02:43:37
In some email I received from Bill Sommerfeld, sie wrote:
> > wtmp: Why text?  That makes it that much easier for a newbie cracker wannabe
> > to hack accounting records.
> Because most other log files with variable-size records use text file
> format.  

Why does it need to be used as text ?  At least with the current binary
format, last knows how to look for matching records, etc.  Changing to
a text file format would require last to be largely rewritten, which is
a lot of extra work for what gain ?

> > This would be a boon, actually.  Would you show who the intruder was
> > attempting to impersonate?
> Not quite sure what you're talking about here..
> This would be a per-user record indicating failed attempts to log in
> as that user, so that login could print (for instance):
> 	"3 failed login attempts since last successful login"
> 	"last failed attempt from using ftp"

I've seen this on precious few OS's.  Those that did have a totally separate
file, to the one for `lastlog', for storing that information.


p.s. does this belong on both tech-net and tech-userlevel ?