Subject: -Tlatin1
To: None <>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/24/1999 10:14:24

why does the X11 contain NroffCmd=-Tlatin1? Does any
manual page actually contain non-US characters?

We just tried to get rid of this to get rid of the 0xad at the end
of lines, where a ``-'' should have been. (see, for example,
PR port-amiga/7804).

With the X11 stuff, we get a totally missing character instead.

e.g., /mnt4/usr/X11R6/man/cat1/Xserver.0  contains:

       X  is  the  generic  name  for the X Window System display
       server.  It is frequently a link or a copy of  the  appro
       priate  server binary for driving the most frequently used

note the missing - at the end of the 2nd line. A hexdump shows that
there is no character there.

Relevant culprits:
1.1          (scottr   15-Mar-97): #define NeqnCmd                      neqn -Tlatin1
1.7          (mrg      01-Jul-97): #define NroffCmd             nroff -Tlatin1  
1.1          (scottr   15-Mar-97): #define      EqnCmd                  eqn -Tps
1.1          (scottr   15-Mar-97): #define TroffCmd             groff -Tps