Subject: Books & Special Reports
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Date: 07/21/1999 19:50:49
-- The federal government offers over $30 billion in grants and low-interest
loans each year.           
-- Raw egg added to shampoo can give you healthier-looking hair.
-- Mirrors or baseboards can provide secure storage of your valuables. 

These tips and more are available in the150-plus virtual publications
offered through 

Our Complete Set of How-To Books and Special Reports includes all available
titles on topics ranging from personal finances to government grants, from
home health remedies to starting your own business.  These publications are
also available in special interest sets on the following topics:  operating
a mail-order business; earning money from your hobbies; cars and trucks;
government grants and auctions; starting your own business; self help; ideas
for home-based businesses; improving or establishing credit; tips for
business advertising; easy ways to make money; earning money with your home
computer; and how to make multi-level marketing work for you.  

Books promote sales.  When you purchase this set of virtual publications,
you receive full reprint and distribution rights. Use the books as an
incentive to draw new customers to your website.   Go to for more information.
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