Subject: Re: Replacement for grep(1) (part 2)
To: Jon Ribbens <>
From: Daniel C. Sobral <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/13/1999 09:50:21
Jon Ribbens wrote:
> "Daniel C. Sobral" <> wrote:
> > That's *not* abomination. How about pre-allocating over 100 Mb for X
> > Free, for instance?
> What about it? If an application does not need 100MB, it should not
> malloc it. If it does need it, it should malloc it and know that it
> is available if the malloc succeeds.

Well, learn something about real programs first, and then come back.

> > Basically, if you don't have enough memory, you just don't have enough
> > memory.
> Yes, and the application should be told this via the standard
> documented interface for doing so, i.e. returning NULL from
> malloc().

This results in the applications working with less memory than would
actually be possible through overcommit.

> > What FreeBSD does *reduces* the need for memory. If FreeBSD *did
> > not* do it, then you'd need much more memory.
> Why? Are there really such a lot of applications allocating vastly
> more memory than they actually use?


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