Subject: Re: Our fcntl(F_[GS]ETFL) calls
To: None <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 06/30/1999 14:21:00
On Wed, 30 Jun 1999, Bill Studenmund wrote:

> In response to suggestions on tech-kern to change how I approach a
> problem, I started looking at adding extra flags to the file descriptor.
> I discovered that the flags we added for POSIX compatabilty don't work.
> We:
> #define O_DSYNC         0x00010000      /* write: I/O data completion */
> #define O_RSYNC         0x00020000      /* read: I/O completion as for write */
> Unfortunatly we throw these values into a short! Thus these two get lost.

To follow up my own note, my recomended solution is to make f_flag and
f_msg_count ints. Obviously f_flag has to grow, and one other field should
grow to keep the struct nicly aligned. Or we can add a spare field.

Take care,