Subject: Re: rc.shutdown isn't enough.
To: Gandhi woulda smacked you <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/26/1999 11:55:49
>One _could_ write a setup to handle things such as:
>	rl [ options ... (to be defined) ] {+-}state-or-stage
>which could be made to handle dependencies, i.e.
># rl +component-a
>* rl: component-a depends on: component-b component-c
>** rl: component-b depends on component-d
>*** rl: <startup message for component-d>
>** rl: <startup message for component-b>
>** rl: <startup message for component-c>
>* rl: <statrtup message for component-a>

that's nice.

># rl -component-a
>* rl: component-a requires: component-b component-c
>** rl: <shutting down component-b>
>** rl: component-b requires component-d
>*** rl: <shutdown component-d>
>** rl: <shutting down component-c>
>* rl: <shutdown component-a>

that's not.  that sort of "assumes" that component-b is needed *ONLY*
for component-a.  so...hey!  if i pkg_delete xv, should i expect it to
pkg_delete libjpeg for me?  same sort of thing.  likewise libc.  xv
has an unstated dependency on lbc...and i don't want it removing that.
so if i shut down nfs which requires networking, i don't want
networking shutdown for me.  but i also don't want nfs started up if i
have no networking started.

# rl -compenent-greywolf
* rl: component-greywolf requires: component-netbsd
** rl: <shutting down component-netbsd>
* rl: <shutdown component-greywolf>

>Probably too complex and bloated, though.  I'd still prefer it to the
>atrocity that is "runlevels" under missed-em 5.

it's a bad idea.  once you get into "incredibly finely tuned modular"
systems like that, everyone comes up with their own "legitimate" uses
for it that don't quite match (a) they way it comes out of the box or
(b) the way other people use it.

and then there's the dependency thing.  those scripts, if they're
gonna work the way they purport to work, they really need to be
idempotent.  and they never are.

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