Subject: Re: Changing root's shell to /bin/sh
To: dustin sallings <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 03/18/1999 22:47:04
On Mar 16,  9:23pm, dustin sallings wrote:
} 	IMO, the SysV way is prettier than putting everything in one large
} file.  A simple typo could keep half of your software from starting at
} all.  You wouldn't know this until you rebooted.

     While editing a file in /etc/rc.config.d (HP-UX), I neglected to
quote some stuff.  This prevented the system from coming up multiuser
the next time it was booted.  It was booted by a technician that had
come to replace a faulty SIMM while I was out of the office, and he
didn't know UNIX.  That wasn't nice.

     Pretty much every SysV implementation I've seen could easily be
prevented from starting up (or worse, shutting down cleanly) by an
error in one of the scripts.  SysV most definitely doesn't have an
advantage here (neither system does).

}-- End of excerpt from dustin sallings