Subject: Re: Changing root's shell to /bin/sh
To: Jonathan Stone <>
From: None <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 03/17/1999 11:11:00
In message <199903171708.JAA10623@Cup.DSG.Stanford.EDU>, Jonathan Stone writes:
>Probably not. But there's also considerable interest in PAM, so you'd
>want to copy/port/reimplement something that allowed PAM modules as
>well.  then there's the fight over which is `more primitive': do PAM
>modules get plugged in via the BSDI-style login.conf, or vice-versa?

Uh-huh.  I'd probably prefer to have the default behavior be login.conf,
but if people want to plug themselves into PAM modules, they'd probably
be able to.

>If you implement a good solution for both login.conf and PAM then my
>guess is, that'd be a good way to get your preferences implemented
>incorporated into NetBSD. :) That's just my impression, not a
>statement from the project, usw.