Subject: "make print-objdir" fails.
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 02/10/1999 00:35:31

In the new grep Makefiles, I get a failure if I use the following line
in in the base grep directory:

	COBJDIR!= cd ${.CURDIR}/../common ; make print-objdir

to get the objdir:

	all ===> common
	"/NetBSD/src/gnu/usr.bin/grep/common/../", line 7: warning: Couldn't exec "cd /NetBSD/src/gnu/usr.bin/grep/common/../common ; make print-objdir"
	Could not fork

but the "old" method of:

	COBJDIR!=cd $(.CURDIR)/../common; \ 
		printf "xxx: .MAKE\n\t@echo \$${.OBJDIR}\n" | ${MAKE} -s -f-

works fine.

Any insights?  I've left the "make print-objdir" commented out in, so it's pretty easy to test if anyone wants too...