Subject: Implementation of HD Detection
To: NetBSD User List <>
From: Lukas Ruf <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 02/04/1999 14:31:57
I posted 2 Messages for Installation onto a Laptop.

As I'm new to NetBSD but quite experienced in programming with other
systems (I developed an new port of a multithreading OS to the ia32), I
thought about developing a detection routine for the HD's of my Laptop
(COMPAQ ARMADA 7750MT) to be used in NetBSD. 

I would appreciate, if anyone out there could give me a hint, where I
can find the routines used in sysinstall/boot floppy for HD detection to
hack the code into this place, or,  if already another person is
developing such code, send me the address for contact, resp. where I
can find the code -- I do not like to produce code without any sense, if
others already did the same (coordination info required).

Please remark: I hope to support the spreading of BSD -- and to install
this OS onto my Laptop (where already Linux safely does its job....,
but this is nearly too commercial to me). 


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