Subject: Re: How to install to a Laptop
To: Lukas Ruf <>
From: Guenther Grau <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 02/03/1999 15:13:28
Lukas Ruf wrote:
> Hi,
> Help.

Answer. :-)

> My question:
> Has anyone got experience with the same problem, how to install NetBSD
> on a Laptop without a local CD-ROM Drive and could share his experience
> with me to get NetBSD running on the Laptop ?
> I need to know how I could run a NetBSD installation either via FTP/NFS
> or from CD-ROM without a floppy (only one slot for floppy or CD-ROM is
> available simultaneously).

There should be a file describing different installation procedures
at the place where you downloaded NetBSD. This should describe the
installation procedures to install NetBSD over the net. Also, the
online NetBSD FAQ should help.
If you still have problems, please send mail again.

> I'm sorry, if this mailing list is mischosen for this question;

Well, usually you'd use netbsd-help or netbsd-users if you use a regular
release version, otherwise current-users if you use netbsd-current.
But I guess it's ok this time :-)

> is not answering, so I could not find out if there is a
> help/misc/user mailing list.

You could try, which is probably the closest netbsd
www-mirror for you.