Subject: Re: sanitising make(1) variable overrides
To: (Chris G. Demetriou), Todd Vierling <>
From: Missing - presumed fed. <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 01/26/1999 13:12:23
'scuse me, Chris?  I believe I was the one requesting the patches or
some similar arrangement to make the man vs cat thing possible, but
by no means mandatory.  I clean out ${MANPATH:each}/cat?/* on a regular
basis depending on access time -- if a cat page hasn't been accessed
in 3 days, it goes *poof*.  If you want it back, 'man $topic' will then
reformat it and deposit it into .../cat?.

[at least my script and supporting mods to man.conf will handle this.]

So while you're right that not everyone will want to do this, it should
be possible to do so.

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