Subject: Re: long command-line options for NetBSD?!?!? (was: CVS commit: src)
To: None < (NetBSD Userlevel Technical Discussion>
From: Lucio de Re <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 01/24/1999 09:35:07
According to Greg A. Woods:
> The real question is does NetBSD, or more properly do the majority of
> NetBSD users, wish to join the GNU/Linux folks in taking what some will
> argue as the next step beyond mere standards compliance and begin to
> provide features which some people consider to be an advancement on mere
> unix tools?  [ etc. ]

Greg, I agree and disagree with your presentation, but I believe that 
the contents needs serious discussion and may even lead to great future 
developments if treated as a seed to be planted and nurtured and 
allowed to bear fruit.

Many of the sentiments you express find echo in my own views of the 
path ahead, and at the same time seem to diverge greatly from the 
beaten or unbeaten path current Unix-like systems are determined to 

Would it be possible to open a mailing list for people with similar 
views (VSTa, Plan 9, QNX users and aficionados, amongst others) where 
one may discuss and perhaps even produce one or more operating systems 
and/or kernels along the path you have vaguely delineated?

Sounds a lot like a worthwhile project to me.  Were I not on the verge 
of terminating all public services I have been hosting, I would offer 
to provide the mailing list facilities we may need, but right now is a 
bad time.  Again, perhaps we may merely need to campaign in known forums 
for like-thinking individuals first, but it is usually better to build 
the infrastructure on which such a campaign can be based.

Am I reading your intentions correctly?  Are my aspirations likely to 
be a reflection of a sufficiently large slice of Internet-based 
developers to become a possibility?