Subject: wscons query
To: None <>
From: Neil A. Carson <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 01/14/1999 02:25:54
Okay, so I open the wscons thus, and do the following ioctls:

	/* Put the keyboard into raw mode and take over the tty
	if (ioctl(private.kbd_fd, WSDISPLAYIO_SMODE, &ioctl_arg) < 0)
		FatalError("Set mode ioctl on kbd failed %d\n", errno);
	ioctl_arg = WSKBD_RAW;
	if (ioctl(private.kbd_fd, WSKBDIO_SETMODE, &ioctl_arg) < 0)
		FatalError("Raw ioctl on kbd failed %d\n", errno);

where private.kbd_fd is ttyE0 opened.

While this stops output frmo the underlying rcons console for a while,
after a couple of minutes kernel messages start coming out and the rcons
draws them, but *not* before. Does anyone know of such a bug, and any
possible solution?



Neil A. Carson