Subject: re: nvi recovery
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 01/13/1999 14:22:53
   matthew green <> writes:
   > i'd like to replace this code snippet in /etc/rc with the
   > one distributed with nvi:
   Good idea.  I dunno whether i ever filed a PR about the existing one,
   but i've definitely meant to.  (reboot -> N messages.  reboot -> N
   messages again.  reboot -> N messages again...  all from the same set
   of files.  Bloody annoying.)

this script in itself won't help :-(
   > i'm tempted to feel that we should delete the recover files after
   > they have been mailed once in any case so that the user is not
   > sent multiple messages.
   Assuming that that doesn't impair users' ability to get the files,
   that's a good thing.

it does unfortunately.  as vi already uses mode bits on the
backup/recover files it may be possible to extend this such
that we can mark a recover file as being 'sent' via some
unused mode bit.

i might look at this but i won't be unhappy if someone else
beats me to it.

   > comments?
   This type of thing is almost perfect for an rc.d scheme.  seems a
   shame to drop that script -- it is pretty much a standalone script --
   into the middle of rc...  makes versioning harder, etc.  8-)

well, it can easily be left as a stand-alone script, and
maybe even live in /usr/libexec ?  it can move later when rc.d
stuff actually happens.