Subject: Re: Importing texinfo: proposal
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Jim Bernard <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 01/03/1999 06:48:35
On Sat, Jan 02, 1999 at 10:31:52PM -0500, Todd Vierling wrote:
> /usr/pkg too, of course, as a fallback for systems upgrading to 1.4.  I
> don't think /usr/X11R6 has an Info directory (I think the directory nodes
> are put in /usr/pkg/info/dir by install-info, but can someone correct me if
> not?).

  The gtk package I installed about 1.5 months ago put its info files
in /usr/X11R6/info.

  BTW: I'd like to see this moved to /usr/X11R6/share/info, in parallel with
/usr/pkg/share/info and /usr/share/info.