Subject: Re: Importing texinfo: proposal
To: None <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 01/02/1999 21:49:23
[ On Sat, January 2, 1999 at 21:12:51 (-0500), Todd Vierling wrote: ]
> Subject: Importing texinfo: proposal
> To dig up an old thread, I'd like to import texinfo 3.12 into the tree so
> that we can distribute and use the various GNU texinfo doc in our tree for
> the GNU tools.

Yeah!  Thanks!

> - info files would install in /usr/share/doc/info, and the default Info
>   directory would be in /usr/share/doc/info/dir.

At the moment any GNU packages that are installed with "--prefix=/" will
put their info files in /usr/info, and I'd like to keep it either as-is,
or at minimum move them to /usr/share/info (and in that case mandate a
symlink from /usr/info pointing at "share/info").

I see no particular reason to put info files under /usr/share/doc, one
very convincing reason not to:  /usr/share/doc is normally full of
documentation *sources*, and not formatted output (which is effectively
what info files are).

In this light I'd propose that info files go in /usr/share/info, with a
mandatory symlink from /usr/info pointing at "share/info", and that the
corresponding texinfo sources be put in appropriate places under
/usr/share/doc/; not organized by formatting language, but instead by
subject, just as /usr/share/doc is currently organized.

(This also helps keep /usr/pkg and /usr/local hierarchies in sync with
/usr, as per our other discussion.)

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