Subject: Re: major hier(7) overhauls?
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: None <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/21/1998 14:30:57
Todd Vierling wrote:
] On Sun, 20 Dec 1998, Greg A. Woods wrote:
] : As some of you know my favourite "major overhaul" would be to eliminate
] : /usr and move the system entirely back into one self-consistent,
] : single-level, hierarchy.  We no longer need to split the system over
] : separate disk packs, not because of size, not because of speed,
] Maybe on *your* hardware.
] Go away and come back when you've used less than modern stuff, then try to
] make this argument.

Actually, this is not as bad an idea as it sounds.  I have systems with
smaller disks that i make / and /usr into a single partion (thought /var
is its own.)  As far as "less than modern" systems go, when I was working
with a VAX11/785 (back before NetBSD even ran on VAXen) I had the luxury
of having 11 RA81s.  (down to about 4 when the system was retired)
However, even 1 RA81 still was larger than some of the drives im putting
into systems now.


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