Subject: Re: Moving /var/cron/tabs
To: None <,>
From: Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/19/1998 16:12:03 sez:
 * Greg A. Woods wrote:
 * ] I think some people feel that almost everything in /var is "expendable"
 * ] to some degree where as configuration files of any kind are not (and I
 * ] even agree with this feeling in some circumstances).  In order to
 * ] satisfy that requirement one must move /var/cron/tabs out out /var.
 * ] 
 * I'd like to second this.  There is should be no reason that a system 
 * should not be able to just create /var dynamicly at boot type (mfs).

Able to, maybe.  As status quo, no.  /var holds too many thing like
mail and, albeit a separate filesystem, news.

#define SARCASM

Hell, while we're at it, why don't we just rip the guts out of hier(7),
rewrite it and make root mfs, or populate it with a bunch of symlinks
to the real /etc, /dev, /bin and /sbin.  Never have to worry about a
root fsck again.  With dynamic root, dev, proc, tmp, all we'd have to
worry about is /usr.

#undef SARCASM

Could we please stop trying to do major overhauls on the various hier-
archies and work with what we've got?  CSRG wasn't a bunch of particularly
dense individuals -- they obviously came up with the current scheme for
hier(7), with root being the obvious (and necessary) exception to the
rule (i.e. bin, sbin, lib, libdata, libexec; root adds var, dev, etc, tmp,
each of which has their own hierarchic structure), and they didn't do it
on a whim.  They put some real thought into what they did.

 * Especially in a workstation style environment, remote syslogs and
 * remote mail stores reduce whats needed to be kept around.

Unless you have everyone receiving mail at their own workstation (which is
not out of the question, especially within a small organization), and
remote syslogs don't always work.

 * As far as
 * recover, well.. yes, its a minor inconvience,  but one should be saving 
 * periodically anyway.

This is not an excuse.  If the system goes down, I want to be able to
recover.  Just because M$ doesn't have reliable software doesn't mean we
should lower our denominator to match theirs.

I don't like systems where I have to be completely paranoid -- especially
from a new user's point of view -- to insure data integrity.

 * ] When this is done I'd greatly appreciate if the doer moved the default
 * ] cron log file to /var/log/cron too!  (There's no need to reserve
 * ] /var/log for files writtent to only by syslog.)

Now, I agree with THIS.

 * -=erik.
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