Subject: Re: turning sendmail into a symlink
To: None <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/14/1998 10:30:32
Lucio de Re writes:
> In my humble opinion, I think any approach that disguises the real 
> mailer behind "/usr/sbin/sendmail" is flawed.  If software does not 
> include itself a mechanism to use an alternative "transport" then one 
> would assume it _requires_ the real thing.  I can't think of any 
> package that does not allow one to specify the mailer at the very least 
> as a compile-time option, in many cases it is a run-time parameter.

There is no run-time switch available in even the software shipped in
NetBSD, let alone in any other software I'm reasonably familiar
with. Virtually every mailer out there assumes that "sendmail" is the
program to send mail.

There is no compile time switch in NetBSD currently (nor would one be
particularly desirable since it would hardcode the mailer yet again),
nor am I familiar with easy to use compile time switches in other
programs, nor would they be desirable (as noted).

Furthermore, I'm unaware of any software that "requires" the real

Your opinion is noted, but I'm afraid I will not be following it.