Subject: Re: Linux's printf() extensions
To: Gandhi woulda smacked you <>
From: Alan Barrett <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 09/25/1998 09:24:16
> Can anyone illustrate to this ignorant country, wolf,
> exactly why, when we have printf() already, we need to add the ability
> to convolute the format strings in such a hideous manner?
> I mean a practical example, here, nothing frivolous.  I don't get it.

	switch (country) {
	case US: format = "%2$d/%3$d/%1$d"; break;
	case UK: format = "%3$d/%2$d/%1$d"; break;
	default: format = "%1$d/%2$d/%3$d"; break;
	printf(format, year, month, day);

--apb (Alan Barrett)