Subject: gtime()
To: None <>
From: Lucio de Re <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 09/15/1998 14:08:54
>From /usr/include/time.h:

/*	$NetBSD: time.h,v 1.13 1997/10/04 15:00:42 kleink Exp $	*/

[ ... ]
#if !defined(_ANSI_SOURCE) && !defined(_POSIX_SOURCE)
char *strptime __P((const char *, const char *, struct tm *));
char *timezone __P((int, int));
void tzsetwall __P((void));
struct tm *offtime __P((const time_t *const, const long));
time_t timelocal __P((struct tm *const));
time_t timegm __P((struct tm *const));
time_t timeoff __P((struct tm *const, const long));
long gtime __P((struct tm *const));
time_t time2posix __P((time_t));
time_t posix2time __P((time_t));
#endif /* neither ANSI nor POSIX */

[ etc. ]

#endif /* !_TIME_H_ */

The declaration of gtime() conflicts with a "static" declaration in two 
UMich LDAP modules.  I could not find the corresponding functions in 
the obvious libraries.

Does anyone know where I should look?  Presumably all of the above are 
missing, in which case the declaration in /usr/include/time.h is more 
harmful than useful.

Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide.