Subject: Re: Y2K Compliance
To: None <>
From: Guenther Grau <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/26/1998 12:11:30
Lam Sook Ching wrote:
> I'm working in a bank and currently, our proxy server is running NetBSD
> 1.1.
> It is the bank's requirement to do an in-house testing that all our OS
> is Y2K compliant.
> I will appreciate if you could provide me a guideline on how to go
> about  for such test, or if you could provide me a summary of the test
> you have conducted in verifying that NetBSD 1.1 is Y2K compliant, i'll
> be very grateful.

I cannot give you any guidelines on testing. I suggest you go to the web
pages of Sun od HP and read what they fixed to be y2k compliant. Then
check NetBSD. IIRC, there have been some fixes wrt. y2k compliance in
NetBSD, but I cannot remember what was fixed.

Also note, that it's not just the OS you must test. Some PCs, i.e. their
BIOS, has problems with y2k. The best way to test it, is to advance the
date to shortly before y2k an see what happens. Have the OS running
when this happens and try it again with the OS not running. Work heavily
with everything that deals with times (e.g. log-files, time stamps, ...)
Perform the usual tasks, i.e. in your case, do some web browsing :-),
and see if it still works. Other than that, NetBSD should be fine.
Our y2k will come in 2038 or somewhen around this time, when we run out
of seconds since 1970 on a 32bit integer, but I hope we'll have this
till then :-)