Subject: Re: pkgsrc & disk space
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Guenther Grau <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/08/1998 19:30:11
Hi Hubert,

Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> I was just asked how much a full build of pkgsrc as of today takes up...
> I've done a full build[*] over the last few days, and the resulting binary
> packages (/usr/pkgsrc/packages/All/*) take up 100-150MB, diskspace neede while
> building was approx. 1.5-2GB.

great to have some numbers!!!

> The latter may seem horribly high, but if you have WRKOBJDIR set and do a "make
> package" starting at the pkgsrc root, then you can wipe away all that's already
> compiled once your disk is full.

Why is this not done for each package after it's been built?


P.S.: While I am at it: A BIG thanx to all of those involved in building
all these fine packages!!!