Subject: correct form for install target for pkg
To: None <tech-userlevel@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Dan McMahill <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 05/06/1998 22:03:05
I have a package question.  I'm working on a package for a program
that does not include an 'install' target.  I've added one to the
makefile for the program (in the ./work/prog_name/ directory) and
have a couple of questions and would like comments on my approach.

What I have added is the following:

# install target added for NetBSD package
        ${BSD_INSTALL_PROGRAM} ./bin/fastcap ${PREFIX}/bin
        ${BSD_INSTALL_PROGRAM} ./bin/fastcap ${PREFIX}/bin
        ${BSD_INSTALL_PROGRAM} ./bin/cubegen ${PREFIX}/bin
        ${BSD_INSTALL_PROGRAM} ./bin/capgen ${PREFIX}/bin
        ${BSD_INSTALL_PROGRAM} ./bin/busgen ${PREFIX}/bin
        ${BSD_INSTALL_PROGRAM} ./bin/pipedgen ${PREFIX}/bin
        ${BSD_INSTALL_PROGRAM} ./bin/pyragen ${PREFIX}/bin
        ${BSD_INSTALL_DATA_DIR} ${PREFIX}/share/examples/fastcap
        ${BSD_INSTALL_DATA} ./examples/1x1bus.lst ${PREFIX}/share/examples/fastcap
        ${BSD_INSTALL_DATA} ./examples/1x1coarse.neu ${PREFIX}/share/examples/fastcap

[snip, total of 34 files from ./examples]

My questions are as follows:

1)  Is it safe to count on BSD_INSTALL_XXXX being defined and passed
    on to the environment that "make install" is being run in?

2)  Is there a simple way to handle the entire examples directory other than
    invidually listing all the files?  Or do I need to do that anyway for 
    pkg/PLIST (list them individually that is)?

3)  There is no man page.  The manual comes with the distribution in LaTex
    form and is also available for download via FTP in postscript form.
    Is there a prefered way to handle this?  Should I stick all the LaTex
    files (quite a few plus associated .ps files for the figures) in
    ${PREFIX}/share/doc/fastcap?  Should I try to make the package depend
    on LaTex?  I hate to require such a large package just to produce the
    manual.  Or perhaps I should work on the package Makefile to make it
    download the postscript documentation and put that in
    ${PREFIX}/share/doc/fastcap?  Any comments and suggestions are most

Once I get the documentation bit worked out, I should be able to finish
this up since its mostly done.