Subject: msql package
To: package <tech-userlevel@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Eric Delcamp <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/17/1998 23:54:04

I have reworked my msql package, based on the FreeBSD work (but why did they
called package a 'port' ??).
I have choosen different directories for some things, and I want your advice :

Databases dir.
                 /usr/local/Hughes/msqldb  Official distrib.
                 /var/db/msqldb            FreeBSD port
                 /usr/pkg/msqldb           my choice
Config files
                 /usr/local/Hughes         Official distrib.
                 /usr/local/etc/msql2      FreeBSD port
                 /usr/pkg/etc              my choice
PID file
                 /var/run/msql2d/pid       my choice
Socket file
                 /var/spool/sockets/msql2.sock   my choice

Databases directory is changed in the FreeBSD port only with a lots of patches
in sources files. I don't want to do this, it's too much confusing.
One other thing: I need a user to own databases and to be used to run daemon
of the server. I choose 'ingres' because it exists, but maybe I must create a
new account (with a script ? examples ?).

Thanks for all your advices.
Eric Delcamp             NetBSD user (Amiga & i386)    Bordeaux      Galactic Bloodshed player     France