Subject: Re: ftpd(8) enhancements
To: Lucio de Re <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/25/1997 13:44:27
>Are we all aware that WU-FTPD is currently being maintained and 
>enhanced by a third party and that the present offering is no longer 
>beset by the problems that plagued the WU distribution?  And it 
>provides support for virtual sites (a feature many ought to appreciate) 
>besides the innumerable, almost essential enhancements.

virtuals, eh?  i hacked mine (stock 1.2 ftpd) to do just that.
if the file /etc/ftpmulti exists, then it reads it and checks
what to do based on the configuration.  all total i added about
4k of code (i also have it logging all connections and also the
authentication method, eg, unix vs. s/key) and ended up with a
binary about 4k bigger.  her's the config file i'm using.  lemme
know what you think.

# configuration file for a multi-homed ftpd
# syntax: (let's see...)
#  hostname:
#		a name or a number to match the getsockname()
#		or :DEFAULT to establish the default behavior
#  services:
#		* implies all normal user services with anon as well
#		- implies all normal user services, no anon
#		/directory/name implies anonymous service only,
#			chrooted to that directory
# ftpd scans this file looking for a match (any address listed here
# matching the getsockname() address is a match) and if none is found,
# it uses the default behavior.
# you should need only one of these for each address your machine is
# serving.
:DEFAULT			*		-		-		-			-

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