Subject: Re: ftpd(8) enhancements
To: None <>
From: Manuel BOUYER <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/24/1997 17:21:32
On Apr 24, Luke Mewburn wrote
> I've been re-integrating some features that were originally hacked
> into a private copy of ftpd(8) by Simon Burge <>
> These are:
> 	* output of a ".message" file the first time a directory is
> 	  entered.
> 	* notification of the existance of "README*" files the first
> 	  time a directory is entered.
> 	* "conversion"; allowing retrieval of files or directories in
> 	  another format by specifying a target suffix. E.g, given a
> 	  directory "foo", "foo.tar" will return a tarfile containing
> 	  foo, and "foo.tar.gz" will contain a gzipped tarfile. The
> 	  "conversion" modes are only supported for retrievals, and are
> 	  configurable via "/etc/ftpconv".
> 	* transfer rate limiting, via "SITE SPEED maxKBs", where maxKBs
> 	  is the maximum KB/s that will be transferred. Whilst this is
> 	  a disgusting and nasty hack, it's useful on slower (modem)
> 	  links where you don't want your entire bandwidth soaked up
> 	  by your ftp session.
> Some of these features are similar to those provided by wu-ftpd.
> Currently, all of these options are compiled in unless the
> preprocessor #define SMALL is set.
> I'm looking for suggestions on how to make this more configurable.
> Any more suggestions or comments before I prepare to commit?

Looks great, but also please add a way to limit the number of user if
this doesn't exist already (didn't look at the man page). It's usefull
for small servers.

Manuel Bouyer, MASI, Universite Paris VI.