Subject: Default $TAPE for mt/restore/dump/tar ?
To: None <tech-userlevel@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 04/14/1997 12:08:46
I've been looking at the source for various utilities that manipulate
or write to tape devices, and noticed a few inconsitancies:

util		definition	where
----		----------	-----
bin/mt		"/dev/rst0"	DEFTAPE in <sys/mtio.h>
bin/pax		"/dev/rmtx"	DEV_x in "tar.h", x is [014-8]
gnu/usr.bin/tar	"/dev/rst0"	DEF_AR_FILE in Makefile
sbin/dump	"/dev/rmt8"	_PATH_DEFTAPE in "pathnames.h"
sbin/restore	"/dev/rmt8"	_PATH_DEFTAPE in "pathnames.h"
usr.bin/eject	"/dev/rst*"	eject.c in various places
usr.bin/tcopy	"/dev/rmt8"	_PATH_DEFTAPE in "pathnames.h"

* the definition should probably be _PATH_DEFTAPE
* there should be only place for the definition; <paths.h>
* the default should probably refer to the most common type of
  tape interface: "/dev/rst0"

I can't see any problems with doing this; can anyone else?

Now, for Controversy Corner: I would actually like to change the
default to "/dev/nrst0" - the non-rewinding-on-device-close device.
* why have the default for 'mt' being the rewinding device? It will
  `undo' a head movement operation at the next request. Viz:
	unsetenv TAPE
	mt fsf 4
	dump 0f /
  will not DTRT if _PATH_DEFTAPE is the rewinding device
* we've changed defaults before, and I believe if documented, this
  shouldn't be too bad