Subject: Re: symlinks in distribution sets: absolute or relative?
To: Greg A. Woods <>
From: Giles Lean <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 03/16/1997 19:47:21
On Sat, 15 Mar 97 20:53:22 -0500 (EST)  Greg A. Woods wrote:

> > /bin/rmail -> /usr/libexec/rmail
> That's just not true, at least not for traditional UUCP -- I must admit
> I've not examine the details of Taylor UUCP interactions, but I'm
> hoping they are still compatible....  No UUCP-based mail system that I
> ever encountered used a fully qualified path for rmail.

I recall that full pathnames in COMMANDS specifiers are allowable, and
the current O'Reilly UUCP book agrees. (We could both be wrong -- I
haven't tested it.)

Regardless it would be best if the compiled in default search path in
UUCP were updated to include /usr/libexec which makes questions of
absolute paths and symlinks both moot.

I'd like to see the .mk rules get symlinks right, but not enough to
entice me back into the build environment!