Subject: Kerberos v5, beta 5
To: None <tech-userlevel@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Gord Matzigkeit <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/12/1995 16:08:49

Hello to all!

I was wondering if there is a liason between the NetBSD and Kerberos
projects?  If so, I'd like to get in touch with that person, as I am
interested in helping add krb5 support to all the programs that can
use it.

I've been hired by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of
Calgary to install NetBSD/pmax on 50 DECstations.  After getting 1.1
working, I was investigating Kerberos 5, as it seems to solve a lot of
the administrative problems they were having.

Indeed it does, but I've found that neither Kerberos nor NetBSD have
full support in them for the other.  I've been rewriting parts of the
NetBSD login program, as well as other utilities (as required) to use
kerberos 5, when KERBEROS5 is defined.

If there is no liason, I would be more than happy to serve as
one... just tell me where to start (I have used CVS extensively, but I
do not know the political procedures for working on NetBSD).

I'm sending a similar message to, since they would
likely also be interested in porting Kerberos to NetBSD-current.

- --Gord

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