Subject: Re: getpw*() changes to support YP netgroups
To: J.T. Conklin <>
From: John Brezak <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 07/17/1995 08:34:01
> > I now have a version of the passwd routines that support netgroups.
> > Unfortunately, the db format of the passwd file will change when I
> > commit them so things will break. The best way upgrade is to:
> > 
> > Another idea would be to change the library version...
> > I am open to suggestions...
> I don't think that changing the library major version isn't going to
> help anything.  It probably be worse -- then all existing executables
> will break, instead of just statically linked and pre-libc.12.X
> executables.
> Changing the format of the passwd database files is not something to
> be taken lightly.  Quite a few, perhaps most, of the programs I use
> every day use getpwnam(), etc. and will have to be re-compiled.
> I think that the following questions have to be answered:
> 	1. Do the advantages of this change outweigh the
> 	   disadvantages?  In particular, consider comercial software
> 	   that does not come with source.
> 	2. what has been done so that we won't be faced with this same
> 	   issue 6 months or one year from now?

Does the netscape for BSDi use static libc ?

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