Subject: Re: Using -L for shared-lib search path
To: Paul Kranenburg <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 06/29/1995 12:15:53
   > I think this is a really bad idea.
   I finally buckled under pressure.. :-)

good.  :-)
   > There's a reason (several, in fact)
   > why nobody else uses this approach anymore.  I would much rather that
   > we use a separate option (-R or -rpath) to do this.  Then the 'disabled
   > for set[ug]id programs' restriction could also go away.
   I feel like implementing this. Recording all `-L' paths tends to interfere
   with hints file anyway.

   Any objections?

no.  it also had the additional benefit of making us compatible with
svr4 (*).


(*) um, one of the *good* parts of svr4, that is.  :-)