Subject: Re: should we replace the shell?
To: J.T. Conklin <>
From: David Greenman <davidg@Root.COM>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/07/1994 17:49:20
>I've heard that the FreeBSD folks will likely be switching to pdksh.

   We've discussed our general unhappiness with ash and someone proposed
that we switch to bash and I (and a few others) strongly objected due to it's
large size and high overhead. Someone else suggested pdksh and the consensus
was that we'd use whatever has the fewest or least severe bugs. Noone is in
much of a hurry to change the shell, however, and I doubt that we will
consider this until after our next release (in other words, not before next
summer), but by then the 'landscape' of the shells may very well change...