Subject: Re: should we replace the shell?
To: J.T. Conklin <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: tech-userlevel
Date: 12/07/1994 16:37:31
[ On Wed, December  7, 1994 at 13:32:09 (-0800), J.T. Conklin wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: should we replace the shell? 
> >>>>> "Greg" == Greg A Woods <> writes:
> Greg> I do know that the BSDI folks are still using ash, and are at
> Greg> least responding to PR's with "fixed in 2.0".
> I didn't know that.

Yup.  I work with several people here who are running BSDI-1.1, and I've
recently submitted a couple of PR's to which Jeff answered "fixed in
2.0", though the /bin/sh PR I sent to them was quite some time ago....

> I've heard that the FreeBSD folks will likely be switching to pdksh.

I'm assuming this new release of pdksh is as stable as they say it is.
The original was rather poorly written, and about as stable as a
two-by-four in high seas.

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