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objcopy -x removes static __attribute__((destructor)) function


When building libgomp in src/external/gpl3/gcc/dist/libgomp we run
objcopy -x on all .o files to produce .po and .pico that will be
linked into

objcopy -x removes static functions. But thank to some useful magic,
static functions blessed with __attribute__((constructor)) remain
in the .so, missing from the symbol table, but still being called
by dynamic linker's _rtld_call_initfini_function() at load time.

However, it seems static functions that have __attribute__((destructor))
do not enjoy the same fate. Like the constructor function, I do
not it them in the symbol table, but unlike the constructor, the
destructor is not called at unload time. Removing the static keyword
fixes that and it gets called.

Is that a bug in binutils? Anyone has an idea of where should I
look for it?

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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