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Re: Fwd: GNU tools netbsd vs netbsdelf

On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 04:10:47PM -0400, John Ericson wrote:
> My second suggestion would just be to change the meaning of the
> ambiguous plain "netbsd" to mean ELF rather than a.out by default.
> NetBSD has, of course, supported ELF for many years now, and other OSes
> that switched to ELF have made the same change long ago, so this would
> be hopefully be only a tiny breakage, and one with precedent. See also
> this comment in GNU config that even anticipates this change [gnu-config-comment].

I don't think anyone cares at all about the NetBSD target triple means
a.out on some platforms. We do care about not breaking netbsdelf as
that's used on different targets as the canonical target triple.


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