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build failures for Clang


since several weeks the Clang builds are failing.

I already fixed a few of the previous build failures, but I am clueless
with this one, which makes 6 of the 8 builds fail:

undefined reference to `std::__1::codecvt<char, char, int>::id'

Could someone familiar with the C++ standard library perhaps have a look
at this?

evbarm-aarch64 fails with:

/usr/include/arm/lock.h:212:20: error:
    invalid instruction, did you mean:
    stcl, stl, stlb, stlh, str, strb, strd, strh, strt?
    __asm __volatile("stlr\t%0, [%1]"

evbarm-earmv6hf fails even more spectacularly by triggering an internal
compiler error in Clang:


Any idea how to fix these remaining issues?


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