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Re: ASAN and dhcpcd with privilege separation

On 31/01/2021 14:10, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
On 31.01.2021 13:21, Roy Marples wrote:

What I want to end up with is some #ifdef SANITIZE foo so that enough is
disabled to make it work.

You can use something like this:

#ifndef __has_feature
#define __has_feature(x)        0

#if __has_feature(address_sanitizer) || \
     defined(__SANITIZE_ADDRESS__) || \
     __has_feature(leak_sanitizer) || \





Yes, but I don't know what to disable *in dhcpcd* other than the whole privsep code, which is what really needs testing!

I was hoping I could just disable dropping user, chroot and any platform sandboxing but if the sanitizers stop working when a process forks it's pretty useless at this point to continue.

Now if the expectation is that the sanitizers are supposed to work with socketpair, forking and moving data across the sockets to each other I'd love to know why it's not working for dhcpcd with the patches I posted previously.


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