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Re: ASAN and dhcpcd with privilege separation

On 31.01.2021 13:54, RVP wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Jan 2021, Roy Marples wrote:
>> I'm just surprised that it's not working is all.
>> What I want to end up with is some #ifdef SANITIZE foo so that enough
>> is disabled to make it work.
> Since ASAN works by doing ptrace(PT_ATTACH, ...) I don't know. From the
> ptrace(2) man-page:
>     This request requires that the target process must have the same
>     real UID as the tracing process, and that it must not be
>     executing a setuid or setgid executable.
> -RVP

LSan (part of ASan by default) uses ptrace(2) internally.

You can try to disable LSan with passing in the environment variables:


On 31.01.2021 08:42, Martin Husemann wrote:
> Google suggests something like:
> export ASAN_OPTIONS="log_path=/tmp/asan.log" dhcpcd
> but I am not sure our version of the sanitziers already support that.

It's supported.

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