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re: [2/2 ABI and toolchain part] Support Raspberry Pi [0-3] in big-endian mode

nice work.  i agree with your proposed changes in general.

> Therefore,
> (1) configure GCC not to emit unaligned access for earmv6{,hf}eb.

this part doesn't seem right:

-                         && arm_arch6 && (arm_arch_notm || arm_arch7));
+          && arm_arch6 && ((arm_arch_notm && !BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN) || arm_arch7));

i would have expected "&& !BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN" to have been
added to the "arm_arch6", not the "arm_arch_notm" section.

since this is really a hardware issue, and this is a bug 
all GCC arm, not netbsd target, it would be nice if you
attempted merging this upstream as well :)


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