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Re: make(1): Unbalanced Lst_Open/Lst_Close in SuffFindCmds

On 30.08.2020 15:37, Roland Illig wrote:
> Hi,
> Since the initial import of usr.bin/make 27 years ago, the function
> SuffFindCmds has an unbalanced Lst_Open/Lst_Close in the case where it
> finds a source.  This looks suspicious.
> Adding the Lst_Close to the return path fails ./ (with or
> without the -j1 option), with this error message:
> install ===> compat
> cd: can't cd to include
> *** [includes] Error code 2

Found the actual cause, which was a stray directory
tools/compat/include.  After removing this directory, everything went
fine, so I committed the fix.

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