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Ship with llvm-symbolizer for MKLLVM=yes

I propose to ship with llvm-symbolizer for MKLLVM=yes.

llvm-symbolizer is an addr2line replacement from LLVM.


 - llvm-symbolizer integrates well with LLVM sanitizers and gives better
results that addr2line.
 - basesystem llvm-symbolizer is necessary in MKLLVM=yes MKSANITIZER /
MKLIBCSANITIZER environment as otherwise backtraces are useless.
 - A workaround to basesystem's llvm-symbolizer is installing an
external one into $PATH, but this requires manual build of statically
linked llvm-symbolizer (generally upstream LLVM does not support well
static builds).
 - Shipping llvm-symbolizer by default makes everything easy and
functional out of the box.

llvm-symbolizer needs building of 4 additional libraries:
 - libLLVMDebugInfoPDB
 - libLLVMDebugInfoPDBNative
 - libLLVMDebugInfoSymbolize
 - libLLVMObjectYAML

Once the LLDB branch will be merged into src/, the same LLVM libraries
are needed for LLDB.

This addition is intended to be used during GSoC 2020 for the rumpkernel
fuzzing projects.

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