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Re: bmake bug with expanding pattern macro replacements

Robert Elz <kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost> wrote:

>   | SunPro make is no more proprietary than GNU make or BSD make and you should 
>   | know that, since proprietary in not the contrary of opensource but marks 
>   | something that is different from the rest.
> This is not the place for debates on correct English usage, but
> proprietary means "owned by someone" (as in "private").   It doesn't
> mean "different".

"owned by someone" applies to any of there programs, so this partial meaning 
cannot be used for a distinction of programs.

As a result, the only useful meaning for "proprietary" in this area could be
"private in it's behavior".

Back to bmake:

I said that I am willing to add support for bmake, if deviating behavior (from 
what other mainstream make implementations do) in bmake could be removed.

Please keep me informed in case that the state of bmake in pkgsrc (aka the 
portable variant) changed from unmaintained to maintained.


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