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Re: [Bug bootstrap/64271] Minimal patches to bootstrap on NetBSD

On 17.01.2020 18:15, redi at gcc dot wrote:
> --- Comment #16 from Jonathan Wakely <redi at gcc dot> ---
> Those patches actually were sent to the list, and I reviewed them, and got no
> reply:

I'm sorry for this, it was probably overlooked.

> I've committed them (after suitable updates) so the libstdc++ parts of this
> should be finished now.


> libcilkrts was dropped from GCC mainline. Is the libgfortran/configure patch
> still relevant and needed?

We still keep this GTHREAD_USE_WEAK patch locally, but I have no idea
what is/was the original intention with it and who authored it.

The earliest note on it I can see in pkgsrc/lang/gcc47 from 2012/04/16.

Adding TO: tech-toolchain@ as someone could shed light on it.

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