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Build failure for ews4800mips

Hey folks,

current build is broken for ews4800mips, in a way that puzzles me a bit.

The installation happens via RAMDISK kernel and mdsetimage putting in a
file system image there.

The size is reserved in the kernel:

src/sys/arch/ews4800mips/conf/RAMDISK as:

options         MEMORY_DISK_ROOT_SIZE=6144      # size of memory disk, in blocks (12)

Not sure what the (12) comment should mean, but this is 512 byte blocks, so
available size for the image should be 3145728 bytes.


gzip -n -9c netbsd-RAMDISK > netbsd-RAMDISK.gz
gunzip -c /others/hosts/ews4800mips/usr/mdec/boot_kernel.gz > boot-RAMDISK.tmp
/usr/tools/bin/mipseb--netbsd-mdsetimage -v boot-RAMDISK.tmp netbsd-RAMDISK.gz
mapped boot-RAMDISK.tmp
got symbols from boot-RAMDISK.tmp
root @ 0x15344/2129920
mipseb--netbsd-mdsetimage: fs image (2130688 bytes) too big for buffer (2129920 bytes)

and indeed the _DISK symbol in the boot_kernel.gz is only 2129920 bytes
from the next following symbol.

Nothing of this recently changes, AFAICT.

Any pointers?


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