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Re: Special function names

Martin Husemann <> wrote:
>On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 05:30:13PM +0100, Robert Swindells wrote:
>> Any thoughts on whether we should remove some or all of the names
>> from the list in our build of gcc ?
>No, we should not gratiously make it different.

Well, we could push any change upstream too.

>> The list is: "setjmp", "sigsetjmp", "savectx", "vfork", "getcontext"

>The warning caused by this may make little sense for a freestanding 
>environment, so they need to be filtered with care.

>Are these names target independent? What "savectx" is that trying to catch?

From the clang sources it looks to be a Linux userland function, defined
in setjmp.h. The list is the same for all targets.

The clang list is in here:


Haven't worked out whether clang does anything special for freestanding.

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