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Report: Threading support in LLDB continued


I've published my next monthly report:

Quick summary:

I've returned from vacation and focused on fixing general LLVM build
and test regressions first.  We're pretty much back to the state before.

I'm rebasing my llvm8 branch [1] for those who need it but the actual
LLVM-9+ updated will be handled by joerg, once the trunk is ready
(not all bugs have been resolved yet).

I've been investigating problems with my threading patches further. 
I've fixed a few tiny bugs in LLDB.  However, the bigger problems were
found in NetBSD kernel.  Kamil's working on solving them properly.

In the next month, I'm going to continue investigating threading
problems, preparing reproducers for Kamil (and possibly kernel patches).
If I either finish that or get stuck, I'll switch to remaining TODO
items: handling trampolines, i386/aarch64 support, investigating more
test failures.


Best regards,
Michał Górny

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